Momentum can help with personal training and nutrition counseling! 



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Personal Training

Functional training programmed for your goals and body. I specialize in functional progressive movement training. Having been in the powerlifting world for years, I also train in strength and bodybuilding as well! No matter if your goal is, I am confident your goals will be met, wether its weight loss or muscle gain, I know it all!

Nutrition Counseling

Online nutrition coaching available

Weight Loss

Dieting is a miserable method that has been proven to not produce life long results. Getting back to the basics of eating real foods that are right for your body, is whats going keep the weight off for good. No more losing weight and then gaining it all back and no more calorie counting. With my programing, weight stays off for good. You learn what your body needs to have long lasting energy all day long, and what your body needs for sleeping through the night. Contact me now if you would like more information on how I can help!


Strength/Muscle Gain

Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein. I program your macronutrients and goals based on the type of body you are trying to achieve. Macronutrients aren't the only thing that matters, but also the sources they are coming form. Eating clean as well as they right types of food will give you long lasting results!

Personal Training and

Nutrition Counseling

If you want sustainable results, with step-by-step guidance, this is the program you are going to want to choose. Combining my workouts with my nutrition program, will produce guaranteed results. When you do my full program, I am able to listen to your goals, and ensure your nutrition and workouts are going to produce the results you are looking for!


The Velocity plan focuses on elimination, making healthy switches, reducing inflammation, as well as making sure we are getting everything we need to nutritionally thrive. I ensure this by providing a nutrition plan backed by scientifically researched, FDA approved,  supplementation in order to compliment our daily lifestyles.


**Pricing is based number of sessions and your goals. If you would like a price quote, please head over to the get started page! Leave your information, and a quick note about what you are interested in and what you are looking to achieve!