Momentum can help with personal training and nutrition counseling! 



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Personal Trainer
Personal Training
Cooking Eggs

- Fitness and Weight Reduction Plans
- Strength and Endurance
- Partner/Couple Training

- Corrective and Functional Training



Eating right can be confusing.

Stop counting calories. No more fad diets that are impossible to follow.

My nutrition plan fits into your lifestyle. On the road all the time for work? Have a family to feed? No time for a healthy breakfast? Not excuses any more!

All plans come with a vitamin and supplement list that is tailored to your health and goals.

(Thinking of going Vegetarian or Vegan? Let me help guide you!)

Herbs and Spices
Nutritional Healing

The earth provides everything you need for healing.

 Depression? Anxiety? Eczema? Inflammation?


Momentum Wellness can help it all without prescription medication!


Pricing is based off your needs and goals. This is discussed during the consultation. If you would like a price quote, or more information, please leave your contact information on the Get Started page. In the comments section, note how many days a week you would like to train and/or what services you are interested in!

Online nutrition coaching available

Nutrition Counseling
& Planning