I'm promising you more energy, less aches and pains,

and never having to say the gross words "I'm on a diet".

- Momentum - 

My #1 program


.                                             ...and for good reason. 

Eating healthy and working out has been on the back burner for quite sometime now....

Every time you think about "getting healthy" there is always a mental block of not enough time, too busy with work, or just being unsure of what you should do and where to start. 


I understand you already have a very busy day.

Let me show you why/how implementing this whole health thing is really worth the small time investment once you sort through all the BS.

Are you ready (or as ready as your going to be) 

to feel like yourself again?


Ok, so I need your eyes for a bit.

First off, I don't measure things, life is to short for that. If you like something, add more of it, if you don't like it, don't add a lot of it (I suggest you at least try it once if you don't like it. Maybe you just never had it seasoned correctly). 

Second off, I am in no way selling any of this concoctions as "weight loss", "muscle building", or "magic". This is just what I eat for dinner and I'm sharing it with you. This isn't part of any plan or program. Just some good ole' fashioned health. 

Third off, know that all my meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, and meat-free. I eat all organic because I don't like shit, pesticides, on my vegetables. I also don't like humans genetically modifying my food either. 

So that's what you are in for, ENJOY!

-Ashley Lueck


- C.F.P.T - 

Faster, heavier, harder is not always better.

I am not here to grow big butts and 6 pack abs.

I am here because you have reached a point where your sick of feeling sick and tired, or the doctor told you that if you don't start exercising, not good things are going to happen. 

I have renamed this  CORRECTIVE AND FUNCTIONAL PERSONAL TRAINING, because I correct imbalances and pains, and help you remain functional for the rest of your precious life. 

You begin here :)

You need to move. Your body knows it, it may even be

                                      doctors orders, but where do you begin?

I was craving greens so bad tonight. Its

-Nutrition Counseling - 

Let face it. Weight loss is usually the number one goal. When it really comes down to the very bottom of it, feeling good is actually the underlying goal.

You want to feel good, confident, happy, and healthy.


Weight loss happens as a result of feeling happy and healthy,                       the feelings don't happen as a result of weight loss. 

I was craving greens so bad tonight. Its

-Membership - 

$10.00 a month

  • 6x a week @ home, safe beginner at-home workouts

  • Videos for each workout

  • Bonus  material PDF's for workouts and nutrition

  • Meal recipes/ideas

  • My client 10% off vitamins and supplements

  • Access to MW Fam Facebook page where you can ask
    all of your questions!

Need some meal ideas and at home

pain-free workouts?

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Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.