Your brain thoughts vs your body thoughts.

One thing that we have to recognize is that our brain is separate from our bodies, and they both speak different languages.

So, we have to keep both on the same page in order to sustain healthy habits.

You sit at work all day, then you get home, and relax on the couch. You have been sitting all day. Your brain likes this. You are comfortable. You have been doing this for years now. You think that one day you should maybe start working out or eating healthy, but after that thought, you go to the fridge, grab some chips, head back to the couch and that thought goes no further.

You are conditioned and tricked by yourself that this is fine, its where you are comfortable. You haven’t switched up your routine forever, and your body is not going to want to. You have never exercised or eaten healthy before, why would you start now?


The body’s communication language is not words. Its disease, aches, pains, headaches, rashes, moods. But we shut it up with medication. That is a rant for another day though.

Your brain wants you to stay in your comfort zone. It’s easy where you are now. Plus, you wouldn’t even know where to start, you wouldn’t have the time, and you are just too tired after work to cook or workout. Am I right? Did I just read your brain?

Correct your own thoughts like you would correct someone saying your name wrong. You don’t get mad at them (at least I wouldn’t think so), tell them how to say it correctly. So the above statements of ”You wouldn’t even know where to start, you wouldn’t have the time, and you are just too tired after work to cook or workout.” Turns to something like this. I know where to start, lets get a membership or contact Ashley tonight. I do have time, there are at least two days in my week that I could squeeze an hour in, and she has Saturday morning spots, so that would definitely work. Also, I’m pretty sure she promises more energy after workouts, not less, so the energy thing shouldn’t be an issue, and getting the blood flowing in the body creates energy.” Ok, so that was SUPER sales pitchy, but you get the point. Even if I’m not involved, you really do have the time, and you do have answers to your “problems”. Make a plan write it in your planner. Don't let your brain talk you out of this.

A quick example of the brain and body disconnect that might make this all make sense. So we know that sugar is bad for the body. If you don’t, SOS find help. Sugar is not healthy for you. You have definitely had one of the following thoughts before, “I am craving sweets”, “I’ll just have one cookie”,” I need dessert”. I can assure you your body is not telling you that you need sugar to survive and that it will be happier and feel better with sugar…..this is your stinkin brain you guys. You don’t always need to listen to it. You have trained it once, you can train it again. You can teach an old dog (brain) new tricks!

Really in all seriousness, your body wants to and needs to move/eat nutritious food, but your dang brain is comfortable, and unfortunately uses a language you can’t always comprehend, so you listen. But we don’t listen to our bodies because we don’t speak its language. Don’t let your brain get to you.

Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.