Why Is Health So Freaking Confusing?

Long story short, I am not you and you are not me.

Let's say I find something that works for me. Then decide that I have figured out the next big secret to weight loss and then market the shit out it because I am now the face of optimal health and if you do what I do you will be health too.


  • 26 years old

  • Female

  • Caucasian

  • 135lbs

  • Powerlifts, HATES running

  • Vegan

  • Wakes up at 4:30 am, goes to bed at 9:00 pm

  • Personal trainer

  • No kids

  • Introvert

If that was not a description of you. My health is not your health. My foods are not your foods. If that did describe you, contact me, we need to be friends immediately.

WE ARE ALL HUMAN, THAT IS ALL WE HAVE IN COMMON. We all have arms, legs, body, eyes, nose (etc) but that’s about it. Not to mention food sensitivities/allergies, stress levels, hormone levels, daily activities, different descents, different gut bacteria, different tastebuds, different health concerns, different blood types. ALL THESE THINGS MATTER WHEN IT COMES TO THE FOODS YOU ARE EATING/YOUR HEALTH. If someone is offering you a one size fits all health and nutrition approach, they are close-minded and might not be knowledgeable enough to be putting a health plan together for YOU. Sorry, that if that was harsh, but this is my blog, I can be harsh. This is also the reason you never see posts about how or what I eat because you should not eat how I eat, it will not work for you.

So that was reason one why health is so confusing. Reason two is that America sucks. Before you grab your guns and scream ‘Merica in my face, give me a sec.

This is going to be a big key to life, for free, so hold on to your seats.


Red meat





Wheat (bread, grains, pasta)


Red meat





Wheat (bread, grains, pasta)


I know you have seen the contradictions before, one day red meat gives you cancer and heart attacks, the next it is bringing you back from the dead. One day egg yolks are all the rage, and the next they give you high cholesterol and will put you in your death bed. So what gives?

The studies I have seen, and I’m sure the ones you have seen as well, all fail to determine the source of where the food is coming from, what pesticides were being used on the foods, the environment the foods came from, and any other circumstances. European countries have standards for all of the above, Americans have almost no standards for the above….freaking cool. Not to mention that the studies don’t take into account the different humans that are eating the products.

So is red meat, that was fed grains that were covered in pesticides and genetically modified, and given hormones to grow 10x their size in less time, raised in conditions that they will not even let people film for documentaries because it is so bad, not to mention these animals could have cancer themselves, going to give you cancer and another long list of health issues…..yep. Most definitely. 100%. Will a cow raised in a beautiful green field that can gaze the green grass all day long and live a stress-free life? Stress causes disease in humans and animals. I’ll be frank, do you want to pay less to eat cancer and disease? Or pay a little more for the micronutrients, proteins, and all the healthy fats red meat has to offer? Your choice, iv already made mine. This all goes for animal byproducts too. Same with grains, go to Europe, you can have gluten because there are no pesticides and it's not modified, eat it in America, you are 100% going to have some intolerance/inflammation because we do use hormones and pesticides. You just might not notice the problems its causing right away.

So why is health so freaking confusing?

  1. You are not me, I am not you. In my nutrition counseling, I fully understand this and take absolutely everything into consideration when designing YOUR plan.

  2. We have ruined everything. Pesticides, GMOs, hormones, additives, chemicals, soil depletion, we Americans have done it all.

Hopefully, that cleared a few things up for ya on health and not health. Please like or comment! I love knowing if you find my knowledge useful! If you would like more knowledge please click on over to my youtube: Momentum Wellness and subscribe!

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Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.