Who's Cooler, You or a Starfish?

Updated: Jul 24

Your body wants to heal, and it will.

This has been coming up A LOT in conversations with my people lately, so this is going to be my topic today.

Fun fact #1: If you cut off a starfish limb, it grows back!

Fun Fact #2: If you cut off a human's limb, it will not grow back.



If you cut yourself, you heal. Break something, you heal. Get sick, you heal.

We tend to think medicine is what makes us better. It’s not. It may help make the process go faster, but it's not what is doing the actual healing. You are. If you didn’t take the medicine, you wouldn’t be sick forever, and your broken bones wouldn’t stay broken forever. Most likely you would eventually get better and heal.

So no, if you cut off an arm, it wouldn't grow back, but we are self-healing. 



It’s just waiting for you to give it what it needs, and that’s not man-made medicine. 

But it needs the fuel to heal. Healthy food to heal. Vitamins and nutrients. Just like plants need the sun, water, and soil to grow. We need vitamins, nutrients, healthy fats, protein, and healthy carbs. 

Quick story of actual proof of this. I have been on thyroid medication since high school. I took vitamins and supplements, ate healthy (or what I thought was at the time) and exercised. As time went on, I kept on refining my foods and removing foods I was eating that were causing inflammation (this seriously included broccoli and cauliflower) and quit buying the cheapest vitamins I could find. About 5 months ago I started to feel really anxious and like something was not right. Low and behold I kept going in for thyroid testing and each time my dose kept going down and down. I am now medication free.

Our body also makes its own protection. We make our own antibodies. Antibodies are large proteins that are produced mainly by plasma in the immune system to neutralize pathogens like bacteria and viruses. So a disease or virus can enter your system, but then (when given the right fuel) your body can actually create protection against them. It’s like the coolest thing ever!

I am not the only story like this out there. It has happened over and over again with people and even my clients.

It actually makes me kind of sad that we underestimate the human body so much. It’s so amazing and complex that the human body isn’t even all figured out yet, even though we live in it every day!

Bottom line, we are definitely cooler than starfish. I know I keep saying it over and over again, but it’s so important to eat healthy foods and take your vitamins to protect and heal you. This shit works! Don’t give prescription medication all the praise and thanks, when it’s really your body that deserves it all.

Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.