What are you doing here?

This idea brought to you today by one of my favorite people. Is not really what he said, but it gave me the idea. :)

What are you doing here?

This is a physical and spiritual way to answer this question.

What are you doing here?: Here, right now, reading this blog.

What are you doing here?: Here, in this life.

Everything you see, do read, hear, literally, anything is purposely put into your life as a sign, lesson, or an assurance.

Are you reading this blog to learn something in your life today? YES. Is it to help you make your way through this life? YES. Is it to help teach you a lesson or spark a thought in your head? YES.

Ok, Ashley, where are you going with this…

This is how I look at my life, everything and every person, good or bad, was meant to happen for some reason or to teach me something. This is how and why I care so friggen deeply much about my people. Because I know, that they were put on my path for a reason, and I was put into theirs for a reason. Its no coincidence that you are reading this, there are no coincidences.

This isn’t some ploy to get you to work with me, but maybe it is a sign that you need to start taking care of your health in some way shape, or form? Do you feel like you see health, nutrition, or workout stuff everywhere you turn and every time you see it, you get a little bit of a guilty feeling inside of you? Might be a bit of a push. But with all that being said, you’ll be ready when you’re ready.

There is a reason I just continue to put out free content like these Brain Thrust Thursday blogs, Instagram posts (momentum.wellness), video Tuesdays (Youtube) or answer questions for free when I'm asked. Its all because I know my people and I were meant to be (not in a cheesy relationship way), and when their body and soals are ready for change, they will be put on their path to me and I will help them with every ounce of love, care, and understanding I have in my body. This is how I “advertise”, I never push or tell you to train with me, I let you take care of that. If I'm meant to be your human, you will find me, you will feel it in your body if you are aware and listening :)

Take this post and don't just apply it to health, but what other lessons and signs are you being shown every day? Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings (not the negative ones that tell you you aren't enough, those ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS). If you are not ready for change, then it is not time for you yet, you cannot force these things. My favorite thing that I think about constantly and remind myself of almost every day is that a caterpillar does not choose when to become a butterfly, it just happens when it is ready. They don't have a calendar that's marked “evolve day” with party hats and balloons. You might not be ready to learn a life lesson yet or go through change, and that's ok. You might have other lessons and changes to go through first before you can “unlock” another one. So just be patient. Don't feel bad or pressured if you are not ready yet. THAT’S OK. The change will happen when your body is ready, when it is, if I am your human, I will be waiting for you with open arms my friend :)

So, what are you doing here?

Please share this so others can get this message as well! As always I love all you beautiful humans and everything you do for me :)

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Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.