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Tips for Gyming With No Gym

For my blog today I was going to post some at-home workouts you can do, but it’s so easy to find home workouts online today. Instead, I’m going to make better use of both our time and post some tips on how to stay motivated and on track with those home workouts (because even I am not doing great at working out at home).

So here we go, Ashley’s tips for staying active and motivated when the gyms are closed.

1. Set a time / make a schedule

Keep your schedule consistent, workout at the same time every day. I still workout about 4-4:30ish each day. I still eat the same thing I would before working out, put my gym clothes on, grab my gym bag, and head to my workout space. My brain has become conditioned to know that when these things happen, it's time to work out. Following your typical pre-gym habits will put you in the mindset to workout.

2. Create a gym space

Pick a spot in the house that is your “gym”. For example, if there’s a room in your house that you don't go into frequently, that would be a great choice. Your brain will associate activities with different spaces. So, a bad idea would be to choose your bedroom. This is where you relax and sleep. Working out in your bedroom might lead to a less productive workout due to your brain and body wanting to just lie down and sleep. Pick a space that allows your brain to connect it with working out. Bring all and any equipment you need and leave it in there. Try your very best to have no distractions such as pets or family if possible. This is you time, and let's be honest….you probably need a break from the fam anyway.

3. Set a length of time

Set a timer or pick a time that you have to keep moving / working out until. I make sure I’m working out for at least an hour. When it comes down to it, it’s more important to keep yourself moving than focusing on the type of exercise you are doing.

4. Hire me :)

Of course, I have to plug myself real quick. If you are not great at holding yourself accountable, I have been doing online Zoom sessions and it’s been very successful with my clients. You pick a time and what days of the week you would like to work out and then, like magic, you have a personal trainer right there in your home! I create the workouts with whatever equipment you have. The last session I did with a client she had a tool box, so that's what we used for our workout! It’s truly no equipment needed.

5. Zoom / Facetime a friend

“Grab” a buddy. Just another way of staying accountable and actually working out. Knowing you have support from a loved one will help. You can also get your family involved. Set a time everyone will be home (ha ha jk, everyone will always be home) and get together a workout plan.

6. Write down your workout

Before I head to my gym space, I write down what I am going to do. Even if you are going to be following a video (which I have some on my site, please watch I would definitely appreciate it) pre watch it and write down the movements. This way you know what you have to complete before you can be finished. I'm very much a check-list person, so writing down the workout for me helps a lot.

Also bonus tips for staying healthy. My friend and fellow trainer Hunter Boe (@conquer_fitness_) just did an Instagram post on tips to avoid mindless eating that I really liked and wanted to share. Highly recommend checking out the actual post ( He does a great job explaining everything. (Honestly with sitting home all day, I have fallen guilty to this already!)

1. Eat at the table without any distractions

2. Use smaller plates and bowls (makes you think you are eating bigger portions)

3. Drink more fluids (WATER!)

4. Wait 30 mins to see if you are actually hungry before eating (not just bored hungry)

5. Chew gum (natural gum, not “mainstream” gum, see below)

6. Keep yourself entertained, like with online shopping, working out, playing games with your family, etc.

So there you have it! You should have all the tools you need to stay healthy during these super weird times!

Gum side note:

“Mainstream” gum - Filled with food dyes and nasty chemicals. I know you’re not swallowing it, but you are still ingesting the products.

Brands like Pur gum and Project 7 gum are much healthier alternatives!