The problem is not your weakness.

The problem is not you, not your weakness, or the ability to stay away from the pizza and sweets.

It is often your environment and temptations around you. Remember that time when Adam and Eve were told to not eat the forbidden fruit, and then ate the forbidden fruit? Giving in to temptations is LITERALLY a part of humans. I mean the first humans couldn't even stay away...

Honestly, you think the hard part will be the action of eating healthy, but the hardest part is the temptation of watching your friends and family have all the fun while you sit and get upset about eating your healthy food, and not being able to enjoy their food with them. If you had no unhealthy food or people around you ever it would be so easy, I promise.

But unless you are going to go isolate on an island with only veggies, good luck. (This would literally be my dream btw, so if this is your answer, take me with you.)

I do not live in a place of unicorns, happiness, and pooping flowers. I live in a reality where my family eats pizza for dinner and drinks on the weekends. They eat sweets, have chips in the pantry, and soda in the fridge.

Does it freakin suck. YES. Do I fall into the mindset of “why do they get to eat that stuff and I have to eat veggies and salads?” YES. I act like I don’t care, but when it comes down to it I do want to be partying with them every weekend and eating pizza.

“You can go out with us and not drink”, yea cause that sounds about as fun as dragging my face against concrete….

I know you know the feeling. You start to form a hate relationship with your healthy food, yourself, and even the other people. I have thought it many times “screw you Sharon for being able to eat the f’in pizza, wow must be nice to drink 10 fruity cocktails (as I’m smiling eating a bowl of lettuce and drinking water)….” you’ve been there. Forming that hate relationship will not bring anything good. Your brain holds on to this hate relationship and carries with you.

What have I done personally to cope/get over this? Changed my brain. Keep in mind this has taken me over 3 years to get this way, not 3 weeks.

  1. Food is only food because we have labeled it as food. If you don’t know I’m vegan, with the exception of ghee, local farm fresh eggs, and collagen. Everyone says they could never do it. I don’t label the food I don’t eat as food. Would you eat a rock or a carpet? Why? I’m sure there is fiber and minerals in them. Because it’s not food. That’s what I do with meat and dairy. It’s my rocks and carpet. In my brain, fast food, chips, candy, pizza are all rocks and carpets. If I ate rocks would you eat rocks? Probably not.

  2. I remember my worth, who I am, and why I eat the way I do. I am worth every vegetable that goes into my body. I deserve to feel like a champion and nourish my body every damn day. I have said before foods are either hurting or healing. I love myself too much to hurt myself. REMEMBER YOUR WORTH AND YOUR WHY.

  3. Think into the future. What’s your ROI (return on investment)? Will 10minutes of eating pizza be worth the health complications in the end? Fatigue? Brain fog? Gut issues? Achy joints? Worth it? What will 10 minutes of eating the veggies do? Heal your gut? Give you energy? Clear thoughts? Actually feed and fuel your body? What are you getting out of your meal vs what are they getting out of their meal? An easy one is how will you feel after a night of drinking water vs how will they feel after a night of drinking?

This is just what I do, it may work for you, it may sound dumb to you, but hey, it works for me. Rember that your brain is reprogrammable at any age. Food is only food because we are trained/told its food. It's weird, but just let that thought float in your brain for a while...

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As always with much love,

- Ashley

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Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.