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The Fungus Is Among Us

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Sickness season is upon us!

It’s getting to be the season where our immune systems are weakening and we are getting sick (it doesn’t have to be this way FYI, but that’s a topic for another blog). Something that has been predominantly sticking out to me lately is people using antibiotics. They may seem like a quick way to treat your illness, but they have some seriously damaging effects on your body.

Doctors prescribe this for everything. Ear, nose, throat, feet, eyes, you name it. Why wouldn't they? It's an easy fix. Sure, they might be helpful for getting rid of that ear infection, but it's also quickly clearing out all the important bacteria that run your body, brain, and control your weight. When people think of bacteria, they automatically think it’s something bad. Yes, there are bad bacteria, but most of your body is made up of good bacteria. These good bacteria are essential to your body health and function, without them you would die. 

Bacteria is everywhere. Even on the surface of our skin. We need them, they don't need us. We don't control them, they control us. Inside of your gut there are over 100,000,000,000,000 microbes (100 trillion). Thats about 1,500 times the number of humans living on the planet. If we take care of our microbes, they will take care of us. Starting to get it? Antibiotics cannot target certain bacterial, they wipe out everything.

More communication happens from your gut to your brain, than your brain to your gut. The balance of bacteria in your gut is a major factor on your health. You obviously want more good guys and bad guys. Sadly, sugar feeds the bad guys and allows them to multiply quickly. They are greedy, wanting more and more sugar, and they pass that message onto your brain. This leads to you feeling hungry and craving sugar not too long after. On the other hand, nutritious foods like veggies feed the good bacteria. If they are happy, you won’t have cravings and hunger pains (also in a lot of cases, anxiety).

These bacteria guys seriously run the show. There are even skinny people bacteria, and fat people bacteria. Numerous studies have been done with mice where they take gut bacteria from skinny mice and put in the fat mice. The fat mice lost weight without any dietary changes. When the bacteria from the fat mice were given to the skinny mice, they got fat. This is just one example to show why it's so important to keep your good gut bacteria healthy.

But isn't it a good thing if the antibiotics kill the bad ones, and then just regrow the new good ones? Sure, but good luck. With the guard of bacteria being down, the fun-gi’s get a chance to take over (like what I did there 😉). But in reality, they are not very fun guys. Most of the side effects that you may have during a course of antibiotics are because of fungal overgrowth (diarrhea, infections, yeast problems). The most common strain being candida albicans. Candida THRIVE off sugar and simple carbs. So just one more thing making the battle between the good guys and bad guys that much harder (cravings will be very very hard to resist, remember they tell your brain what they want, and they won’t shut up until they get it). Now it's two against one. What are you more likely to eat? The broccoli or the cookie? I could seriously go on from here about 100 other things that will happen from there due to the uptake in sugar during a course of antibiotics, but I think you get it. From here you will just keep fighting a losing battle.

I beg you to look into every single other alternative, or ask me, before taking antibiotics. I completely understand that in severe cases they are necessary. But if possible, you are so much better off not taking them. If you have taken them recently or are taking them remember your veggies and be extra extra healthy to help those good bacteria. Completely cut out all sugar and simple carbs. You can also take probiotics to help the good guys takeover and repopulate.