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Stressing Over Being Healthy?

You work out 6 days a week, eat “healthy”, go for runs, and still the weight won’t budge. No matter how hard you try, you remain the same, or even gain weight.

If you are stressing over working out and/or eating healthy (or work, family, extra life things). I have bad news. When the body senses stress, it pumps your body full of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that will tell your body not to not burn any more fat, store calories, and makes you crave food (and not healthy food). Cortisol is also released when there is too much physical stress on the body. So when you are extensively exercising, your body releases too much cortisol, causing you to hold on to the fat you have, and store more calories. So yep, long story short, you are gaining weight because you are working out a lot and stressing out over eating healthy.

This is dumb, why are we like this? Way way way back when we were cavemen, we had to hunt and kill our own food. We lived off the land and grew everything ourselves. This is when our human bodies were meant to thrive and survive. Our bodies are stupid smart. When we were living off the land, and a famine was happening where food was scarce or our environment was not ideal, our bodies would sense this. This triggered the release of cortisol to signal that there was a food shortage, and store body fat/ preserve what energy we had. (Note: A “famine” is what our bodies think is happening when we cut calories, which is why this does not work)

Working out too hard signals that you are pretty much under attack. This puts you into the “fight or flight mode”. The “flight or fight '' mode is activated by the adrenal gland almost immediately thanks to the sympathetic nervous system. This then releases epinephrine (also known as adrenaline). The release of these chemicals results in the production of, you guessed it, cortisol. Cortisol also increases blood pressure, blood sugar, and suppresses the immune system.

Our bodies do not know the difference between a famine and you cutting calories, nor the difference between working out or being attacked. It gets worried (anxiety) because it doesn’t know where or when we are going to get the next meal. So, it stores what we do eat in case we need it for later and is going to hold onto what we already have. It will also pump out adrenaline to help us survive when being attacked by a lion (or working out way too hard for too long). Told you, out bodies are stupid smart. If you are stressing over eating healthy, and working out too hard, Double the stress = more cortisol = weight gain and quick fat storage.

Our bodies are dial-up in a world with 5G

You cannot stress your way into wellness. There is a reason that balance is so important in life. If you are going too hard core, you are not doing yourself any good. You are putting in a lot of hard work, only to end up breaking yourself down. But don’t worry, here are some things you can do to benefit your body, not hurt it.

1. Hire me. When I train, I look at all aspects of your life and incorporate them into your training and nutrition program. I work with problem areas and listen to your body. I don’t only listen to your words, but tap into your body language and energy, to evaluate what you need. I adjust food intake to align with your whole life, not just what's happening inside the gym.

2. Yoga / deep breathing / MEDITATING. Yoga calms the central nervous system, by practicing the breath. Meditating and yoga can put your brain into an alpha-wave state.

3. Don’t start too hard too fast. Ease your body into working out. Jumping in with too much too quick is a really good way to double everything I was just talking about above.

4. Allow rest days. This will aid in weight-loss, not set you back.

5. Don’t count calories just eat real organic food. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are almost full. Eating the right food will automatically ensure weight loss ( You’re in luck can help with this too :)

6. Get outside. Seriously, this automatically lowers cortisol levels.

So there ya are! Now you know why you give it 110% and get no results. You will be better off giving it 85% and getting some great sleep (this is another way to lower cortisol). Bodies are stupid smart and as I have said before, be efficiently lazy :)