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Should You Workout When Sick?

Today's topic / question brought to you by one of my most awesome friends (thanks yo).

When you’re at home and under the weather, should you bunker down and wait it out, or sweat it out?

My answer is maybe.

Ok so, you can’t really “sweat out” a sickness. However, if you have anything like a head cold, runny nose, tension headache, or just groggy and tired, anything that “stays above the neck”, working out can be beneficial and help boost your immune system. You want to stick to exercises that are not strenuous. Don’t go into the gym and try to break any new personal records. You don’t want to put your body through any extra stress than it is already going through trying to get rid of your “bugs”. Walking, jogging, or moderate biking is great because it increases heart rate, which stimulates circulation, which can help the body get rid of excess fluids. Light weights can also do the body some good. MAKE SURE YOU ARE DRINKING A LOT OF WATER! Also be mindful of others at the gym, wipe down equipment really well, don’t sneeze or snot on the humans next you.

Obviously of you have any bodily fluids coming out of you or anything contagious, you should probably not go to the gym. Nor if you have a fever or are achy. Bodies are amazing, they are self-healing and self-repairing. However, it takes A LOT of energy for your body to recover from a sickness. Besides not getting other people sick, you don’t want to go to the gym or workout because you need all the energy you have to become better. This is why when you are sick your body kind of shuts down, you can't think, get a fever, and want to bunker down. This is all your body conserving energy to heal and making the host (you) an unfavorable home to the “sickness”.

So, yes, working can be good for you if it is moderate exercise and you just have a cold or aren’t “feeling 100%”. No, if you are really sick and have body aches or a fever, you should stay home.

Having said my piece, I just want to end it with a disclaimer that I am not a doctor, so if anything bad happens from you listening to me, I am not at fault :) ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.