Question Answered: What are good energy drink alternatives?

I get asked this so much I’m going to write a whole post on it.

What are good energy drink alternatives?

Short answer, coffee or tea. There are others that are "ok" but still less then ideal.

The correct, long, and not so fun answer?

Sleep, nutrition, working out, less stress, less alcohol, and more water are all great alternatives.

I know, that’s not the answer you were looking for, but its the truth, and I tell it like it is. Dont get mad and exit the page just yet, keep reading, the anser to your energy problem could be below.

I view energy drinks as a bandaid to a deeper-rooted problem.

I would be lying big time if I told you that I didn’t drink coffee like it’s my job (if you can figure out how to make a career by drinking coffee, let me know, I’m very qualified). So I too look for a boost, but I rarely need it past/drink it 10 am.

First things, when you are drinking caffeine past 3 pm, weather you know it or not, it throws off your slumber. Then you begin this never-ending cycle of being tired at the wrong times and needing caffeine/energy all afternoon and then disrupting your natural recharge hours (sleep).

Humans are meant to have lasting energy throughout the day. Yes really, those mid-day naps and energy boosts at 2-4 pm are not supposed to technically happen. So let’s bring sleep into this equation. More sleep is not better sleep. The magic numbers 7-8 are what experts say should be the amount of sleep you are getting every night. If you are sleeping more then 8 but less then 6, there are some internal things happening that we need to take a look at. In my nutrition program, sleep is the number of things I look at and fix first because if your sleep is off, your life, body, and energy are going to be off.

Ever just randomly hit a wall after eating a meal and you don’t know why? Its because you have just eaten something that your body does not like, this can even be vegetables, not just junk food. Food is our fuel and energy, we always forget this. So if you are not eating enough, or giving your body real food to create sustaining energy from, you’re going to have no energy. Our bodies can only create energy from REAL/WHOLE foods. Vitamin deficiencies and blood sugar levels play a huge factor in low energy.

Stress is the silent killer, my friends. Stress will shut you down. You will get all ramped up from a stressful day or situation and your body will just shut down. Alcohol is not going to help either, sure it’s relaxing after a long day, but as far as “passing out” or helping you sleep, it’s actually not. Alcohol will not make you sleep better. That one or two or three or four (I don’t know your life) is not actually helping you sleep better. Sure it helps you fall asleep, but it affects your REM sleep, which is the important part of your sleep. Quality over quantity when it comes to sleep guys.

Needing more water also plays a huge factor in fatigue. You cannot function and live without water, A gallon a day is not necessary, you don’t need to put in that much work. Half your body weight in ounces will do just fine. You will get very fatigued when your body is trying to function/run with no water. So go now and drink a glass. Go go, now, go get some water, I’m waiting.

So what are healthy alternatives to energy drinks?

  • Check your sleep habits/hours.

  • No caffeine past 3 pm

  • Really tune into your body and make the connections to foods you are consuming (or not consuming).

  • Eat enough real fuel foods. (click here for my super awesome video on this)

  • Workout. Don’t over-do it. I say 3 days a week for an hour if you are just looking for more energy and to feel better.

  • Stress less. Breathwork. Do things you love to do.

  • Less alcohol. Odds of anyone reading this and listening to this alternative, 0%, but hey, now ya know.

  • Drink some water, if you still haven’t after I asked you to before, what the heck are you waiting for the post is over now. You have time.

Love you all thanks for the read and share, because I know you will :)

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