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Popcorn: Friend or Foe?

If you don't already know, my favorite food in the entire world is popcorn. Weird, I know. Not the microwave kind (yuck, don’t eat this ever) but the delicious “healthy” stove popped salty buttery goodness.

***In this article, I am talking about organic stove popped popcorn. You are doing about 10x the damage if you are eating in-organic popcorn / microwave popcorn. Corn is almost always sprayed with pesticides because we consume so much of it and it is what we use for animal feed.***

Popcorn is pushed as this "health food" because its low calorie, a vegetable, and low fat. Heck, I have even told some people it eat in back in the days (don't do it now). All of this is true, but none of it is actually healthy for you. This is also true for a few other vegetables as well. But i'm going to pick on popcorn because it’s something most people grab when they want a healthy snack, and i'v recently been told I have to quit eating it, so yea i'm butt hurt.

I have known basically forever that I should not eat it, corn in general is not good for anyone. I mean they literally feed it to pigs and cows to fatten them up. The day after I would eat popcorn (it was always organic), I would feel slow, tired, my stomach would gurgle all day, I would just honestly feel like crap, I called it my popcorn hangover. So even though its low calorie, it does so much other harm that the calories are the least of your worries.

I recently got my blood looked at under a microscope and looked at it projected up on a TV screen. I was very confident that my blood was going to be perfect. I eat; no gluten, no sugar, no bad fats, no fake foods, no processed foods, no fast food, no soy, no hormones, no fluoride, no grains, no dairy, no meat, and all organic. When it comes to nutrition, I really do practice what I preach. (This is not at all how I help people with nutrition, I personally go to the extreme, I DO NOT in anyway tell people to do this.)

Well, I was wrong. I was not great. I had a weak liver that isn’t functioning as well as it should (I do not drink), I had inflammation in my body, I had candida in my blood (yeast), I had cholesterol (I'm not so sure about this one, I literally eat no bad fats, but it was there on the screen) and a few other vitamin deficiencies, that I also already knew about just based on how I've been feeling lately (iron, B-12, minerals, typical vegan stuff, easy fix). There were also a few other things that my body was trying to fight off that were floating around in my blood as well. Not great.

The candida is hanging out because of sugar. That's how they survive and thrive. I wrote a post on this. (link here --> ) Candida can cause leaky gut, and many other problems with heart and even the brain. My daily sugar intake includes, 1 organic plain rice cake (carbs are sugar), ½ - 1 banana, 2 dried figs, 2 dried apricots, and ½ cup of cranberries (not craisins, like actual bitter cranberries). That's about it. Very low carb. Absolutely no added sugar or even things like syrup/honey. I was still eating too much sugar. The sugar addiction in this country is no joke. I get that its life, and sugar is literally everywhere, but it shuts you down!!!!

Ok so back to the sad popcorn situation I am in, all the other problems that were found in my body were mainly due to CORN! I only ate it once every other weekend, and it is still wreaking havoc on my precious insides. Corn is in almost everything, like your chips, and it hides under sneaky names like:

- high fructose corn syrup.

- fructose.

- maltodextrin, dextrin.

- dextrose.

- glucose.

- malt, malt syrup, malt extract.

- excipients

I'm not trying to scare you, but having this blood testing done really opened my eyes to what eating the wrong foods will do to you. My main problem was corn, but there are so many other foods that are awful as well like, peanuts, tomatoes, soy, gluten, etc. If my blood looked like it did, please take a good look at what you are really eating. Because when your body is too “gunked up” it leads to cancer and severe auto-immune DIS-EASEs.

On that note, I love you all so so much. Take care of yourself, you deserve it, you are totally worth it. I want you to be the healthiest you can possibly be, even if it means giving up your favorite foods in the world.

*side note, you can pop sorghum, so imma see how that goes. Iv tired it one time and burnt the living daylight out of it, but now it's ride or die.)