No time for the gym?

Soooo I actually had a whole 'nother blog typed out for you today, but I wasn’t feelin’ it. So here we are, again, with some new info that my brain has for you.

I want to talk about time.

Rewind to last week and the week before last week. I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and like I had no time to do anything that I needed to. I barely slept, I was feeling ready to just quit my business and get a job somewhere (no way I would ever do this, but in my dramatic brain I was throwing a pity party). I was barely getting any posts posted, and I had the longest "to-do" list ever .

Fast forward to this week. Calm, cool, collected, thriving, happy. I’m sleeping better, and getting everything done that I need to with extra time to spare.

The difference between this week and the last two weeks, was not the amount of things I had to get done. I sat down and looked at the amout of work between I had them, and I actually had/have more to do this week, then I did the last two.

What gives?

In the last two weeks my mindset and thoughts were not in a good place. The thoughts “I hate my long hours, none sees my work anyway”, "I never have time for anything”, and “Im never going to get everything done” were CONSTANTLY running through my head. So much that I coulsnt sleep because all I could do was get anxious about all the things I wasnt going to get done. I had an energy in me that was unforgiving to myself. I was working from 5am to 9pm everyday, and was on a hamsterwheel of completing nothing, but working on everything.

After the last two weeks of hell, I knew something had to change. I had to slow down, and pay attention to what I had going on day by day. I let go and quit tring to control everything around me. I usually let life take me where it needs to, and trust things will workout out. But the last two weeks I was untrusting and controlling. I needed to let go again. I made my thoughts shift into things like, “I will have time for everything”, “everything that needs to get done to continue on my path will get done”, and “Its ok I work long hours because I enjoy making content and helping my people”. GUYS THIS WAS LITERAL MAGIC. I had more tasks to do this week then last, yet here I am with time to re-write my blog post today because I didn't like the first one.

Why am I telling you all this?

Time is all perception.

If we are stuck in the mindset like I was for the past two weeks, anxiety, overwhelm, and fatige will take over. Also, life will go by way to fast. I hear far too often that someone dosent have time for the gym, or they dont have time to cook and eat healthy. I dont look at this an an excuse. Its a perception. In your world, or someone elses world, it may appear that is no time to cook or get to the gym. If you keep thinking this over and over again, I can promise you, you will really never find time.

If you change your words and mind to think thoughts like “I always have time to go to the gym”, I will have the time to cook a healthy meal tonight”, or “I will be given the time I need for the things that are necessary in my life”, the extra time will appear out of no where. Calmness will fill you up as you learn to let go.

If this all sounds like bology to you, just try it for a week. Breath big belly breaths and just say you will have time and things will workout. Just doing that alone will free up time and create opportunity in your life.

You do have time to workout, you do have time to cook yourself the healthy meals you deserve, and everything you need to get done will get done.

Love you lots and enjoy life :)


Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.