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New Year New Me Time (eye roll)

Updated: Jan 2

(Everyday you should try to be a “new me”. Better yourself everyday, quit procrastinating and making excuses.)

Why is it so hard to start working out? Usually its something that no one wants to do, but feel like they have to. Well lets change that. People tell me all the time wish they could workout like I do. Fun fact: You can! In this post I will give some tips and tricks that I use and that I have found useful in me and motivating others (and not the tips and tricks you see in every single internet article this time of the year).

Hire me as a trainer.

(I have to promote a little :) But I really do find ways to make it fun and pain free. Training is going to be really hard to keep up with if you are in pain after every workout. Knowing where to start and at what intensity to start out at is important, and so is form. There are also so many different ways to workout for different goals, odds are you are doing it wrong. Let me help! A trainer keeps you accountable and motivated. Click here right now to start > Ok, no more Momentum Wellness advertisements.

Think as weight loss as a side effect to working out.

Do not focus on weight loss as your number one goal. I know that's usually everyone's top priority, but there are so many more things that have to happen first, and they are way more beneficial. Truthfully, these changes need to happen before the weight starts coming off. I know we cant see it with our eyes, but don't forget we have a world going on inside of us. In order for fat cells to shrink, we have to eat healthy to control hormones that control cortisol that controls blood sugar which controls cravings. That controls energy crashes. This then allows us to be able to have enough energy to get to the gym and lose weight. Then we actually need to fuel with enough food and not cut calories, but eat the right foods, and work with that fuel, to be able to turn them into useful things your body needs….. I could literally go on forever about the connections and changes that need to happen BEFORE weight loss. It didn't take one month to put the weight on, it's not going to take one month to lose it. But, it could potentially take one month to get your body to start functioning properly. So don't give up yet! If you lose weight, but don't fix your body first, and get the mechanics working, it won't last. Just like if you paint the outside of a shitty car, it looks nice, but will still break down eventually.

Don't assume just working out is going to be enough.

Will it be better than doing nothing at all? Yes. Working out is an aid that should be used when losing weight. You can't outwork a bad diet. So don't get upset and mad at your body when you aren't meeting goals or seeing results. Nutrition has to be involved in order for attainable healthy results. Again, you can paint the car, but eventually it will break down, and when it does, the paint job won't hold up when it's sitting in the junkyard. This leads to knowing that there will be maintenance involved as well. Once you have met goals, you can't expect the weight to stay off, you need to keep up with it. Know that you are in this for life, and not a few months.


Going to the gym isn't something I have to do, Its something I get to do. “Have to” tells your system you are being forced into doing something you don't like/don't want to do. So you are setting yourself up for failure pretty quick by saying this to others and yourself. You do however, get to go to the gym. You are able to, you are fortunate enough to, you are awesome enough to, you are honoring yourself by going to the gym. You are giving the opportunity everyday to better yourself and become a healthier stronger you. You only see the gym how you want to see it. By this I mean, if you think the gym is terrible, complain about going, and think its the worst thing ever, guess what, it's going to be. I personally remember how fun it was to play on the playground when I was a kid. Take a minute and look at the equipment a gym….pretty close to a jungle gym. I am a child, and this is recess for me. A break from work and life, just like recess was as a child.

Going off tip number 4, don't take the gym so seriously.

I don't mean hurt yourself by being careless, but HAVE FUN!!! I probably look crazy when I workout. I sing, I dance, I do weird things, I swing around on the TRX straps, I have FUN. Everyone in the gym is always so serious. Noone is ever laughing or dancing, probably because they think that other people will look, stair or judge. SMILE. WHO CARES. IF THEY ARE BORING AND NOT FUN THAT IS THEIR LOSS, NOT MINE. If they are judging, they should take a look at their own lives and ask why they are judging me for having fun.

Set goals, but don't set goals.

Definitely set goals, but don't make them unattainable. This will lead to you wanting to give up and quit. Again, my number one thing is to not set weight based goals. Over and over again this leads to giving up because of failure. With my clients I don't even talk about the number on the scale. There are so many other factors that are involved with weight. Stress, muscle mass, height, water, fiber, food consumed that day, age, the list goes on and on. In your head you may have the idea that losing 10-20lbs would be nice, but don't make that the number one goal. When you do reach that 10lb loss, celebrate the fact you are becoming healthier and bettering yourself, not that you look better. You should love yourself no matter what the weight. What better way to show yourself self love other then working on it every day and honoring it by being healthy and happy? If you are goal oriented, set small time based session goals, especially for starting out (I still do this like twice a week). Example, I will make myself stay at the gym for an hour and make sure I keep moving. Doesn't matter the intensity, or what I'm doing, as long as im moving, it's better than nothing at all on the days I don't feel like being there. Remind yourself you are still doing more than the average human, that's because you are better than the average human, because you are not average. That's a pretty easy goal to attain, and doesn't yourself up with crazy expectations. I don't always have the energy to have an intense workout everyday AND THAT'S OK, SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!!! I recommend setting a goal for each session, or a week at a time, this way you can celebrate all the little milestones that are making you better, not letting you down and discouraging you. Remember you are starting (or bettering) your health journey with the mindset that you are going to need to up keep, so you have the rest of your life to workout and crush goals. Start small.

Don't try to do everything at once.

Your body will hate you, and you will hate it. Don't tell yourself in 2020 you are going to be healthy...ok that doesn't mean much. Start just by adding a cup of veggies a day, not removing anything. Start by walking for 15 minutes a day, not running a mile. Think of your body as a child, not an adult. EASE INTO EVERYTHING. Small attainable short term goals are KEY. Do what your body can do, don't copy what someone else's body can do.

So, these are my tips that I find work for my clients and I. I strongly believe that I am able to workout all the time because I don't make excuses, and I know I owe it to myself to have me time and honor who I am and what I am able to do. I didn’t always like working out. It took self-work, and mind shifts to get to the point I am at now. Everything takes time, and know that weight loss and mind-shift will happen overnight. Once you change “I have to go” into “I get to go”, things start to become a lot easier. I recommend starting with that small change. Just making that shift should give you the momentum :) to get motivated and become a better you.

Happy New Year!!!!

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