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Is Your "Friend" Really Your Friend?

So, today's blog post is going to be different. I had coffee with a friend this morning, who is going through some big life changes in terms of trying to better himself and live a healthier life. He gave me his permission for me to blog about some of the changes he is noticing and the challenges he’s facing. He is not one of my clients, but is killing it making the changes he has thus far. I’m definitely not a reporter and suck at interviewing people. These are just some notes from the conversation we had.

**I am not helping or guiding him in any way shape or form, just listening. These are things he is choosing to do on his own, because they are helping him. Does not mean they will necessarily help you.**

Age: Mid 40’s

Job:  IT data analysis, technology, working with data

What was your wakeup call that you knew you needed to make a change?

December 30th, my blood sugar was very high. People in my life around me, people my age were starting to break down quickly, and I thought I was too young for that. My brother had a heart attack, friends developing diabetes, having surgery, my sister now has to use a walker, people around me are breaking down and I want to stay on the planet longer.

What was your first step you took after that?

Contacted a friend who was already working out on a constant schedule, I started going to the gym with him.

What was the hardest part of starting to work out?

Had a lot of injuries to work around, cartilage in my knees is almost gone. So, working with my body wasn’t easy at first.

What kind of workouts do you do?

Both cardio and weight training.

Was it hard to transition to eating healthy?

No, I knew I needed to get my ass in gear.

What are some rules you have to keep you on track?

Drinking only every other weekAllow cheat meals once a week12 glasses of water a day3 servings of fruit, try for 12 of veggiesGet to the gym 4-5 times a weekWalk on rest days

What are goals for tomorrow?

Get better each dayKeep up with what I’m doingGo to the gymOnly drink in moderation every other week – Titos and water with lime

How has your life been affected?

Better, but more isolated. My friends have changed. They know me as someone who was a huge partier and did whatever I wanted. I want to live longer so I am trying to change. Have I missed out on things? Yes. Marriage, kids, life things. On some days it's fine, some days it sucks. I have no one to talk to every day, but it's cool otherwise.

What has been the hardest part about your whole health journey?

I gave up a lot of things cold turkey, like sweets and alcohol. It was crucial for me at this point in life to get rid of them though. You find out who is really there to support you.

What is the number one thing you want out of life?

I don't know. Wouldn't be honest if I gave an answer right now.

My endnote:

I had a fantastic time talking with this lovely human. There is one thing that I would like to quickly hit on that I think needs to be brought up, because I too went through it and it's hard. I was not always the person I am now either. Those who knew me 4 year ago, and know me now, know that I am not even close to the person I was. The number of people in my life who knew me as that person are few. When my friend said “You find out who is really there to support you”, that hit home for me hard. People get used to you being you in their life. They are comfortable with you being who you have always been and have gotten comfortable with that you. It's crazy how selfish you realize they really are, to get upset that you are changing.

We as humans are meant to evolve and become better every single day. I went from being a crazy party person, to a reserved introvert. So many people dropped out of my life because I didn't “do” anything anymore. No, I just didn't find joy in getting wasted every week anymore, because I realize there is a lot more to life than that. I was / am working on myself and my career, and its amazing how many people just drop like flies. My friend is going through the same thing right now, and I can think of two other people that have said this has happened to them. If you have a friend that is trying to change for the better and work on themselves, please realize it and support them. I know I don't tell the people in my life enough thanks for sticking around while I’m hustling. You know if you are one of them, and I truly do love and appreciate you not leaving my life!