How the Heck Do I Bounce Back After Quarantine?

Woahhhh a new blog post?!?!?

I know, I know, it's been like forever. Momentum has been growing fast, thanks to wonderful people like you! And now I’m back and determined to bring you some new knowledge today!

So, you were quarantined in your house for a few months with delicious snacks a few feet away all day, everyday. Maybe you were one of the many who were left with some free time to experiment with baking (so much banana bread). And if you were like me, you also fell pretty short on the workout time (or didn't do anything at all.)

Weight was gained, food was good, but now you're ready(ish) to get back to your pre-quarantine kick-ass self.


BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. Any type of change takes time, good or bad. It took some time for the weight to go on (sadly not much time), it will take time to come back off. This is not fun news, but I usually notice that the time it takes to put on the weight, it will take double to “come off”.

Also more sad news, the use it or lose it saying definitely applies to working out. Taking a very, very, very long break, or not lifting as heavy of weights as you did before this all started, will result in loss of strength and endurance. You will get tired very quickly. So don’t expect to get back to where you left off on day one. Again, this comes right back to being patient with yourself.

So combining those two above situations is not exactly a recipe for a quick quarantine recovery. Just know you’ll get there, enjoy the fact that our bodies have the amazing ability to change and adapt (even when not always in our favor).

The last thing I want to point out, before I go over tips and tricks, is that stress is playing a pretty big factor with all of us right now. People tend to forget that stress is a huge, huge factor in weight gain.

When your brain thinks it’s being threatened (doesn't matter if it's a scary little spider, a big credit card bill, or TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A HUGE LIFE SHIFT, it triggers the release of a bunch of chemicals in your body. These include adrenaline, CRH, and cortisol. Your brain and body prepare to handle the threat by making you feel alert, ready for action and able to withstand an injury. So here is where our brain gets kind of dumb. In short, adrenaline helps you feel less hungry as blood flows away from your internal organs, which is super cool, for a short period of time, until cortisol (stress hormone) is like “shit homie, we need to eat like now”. Then starts the endless eating and sugar cravings because sugar (remember sugar and carbs can be the same thing) are the quickest form of energy we can get. So your body wants to get all that energy back ASAP, it will ask you for carbs/sugar.


So the take away after that super long, not entirely necessary, information vomit? The last few months we’ve all been sitting on the couch worrying about the bills or how to completely change and adapt your life to this new world. Unfortunately, sitting on the couch in jammies does not work off much energy. And sadly we are stuck with an amazing neuroendocrine system that doesn't get the updated version of life, and is still living like it was 7 million years ago.

Ok, now to the point. How to combat all this nonsense:

  1. SAID IT LIKE 5 TIMES, BE PATIENT AND UNDERSTANDING WITH YOUR FREAKING INCREDIBLE BODY. It is not the end of the world (Actually who knows, at this point it might be. If that's the case, who cares about weight gain, eat everything.) Know that you are a determined human who can do anything you set your mind to. Right now you are just in another adjustment period, fighting against chemistry, not yourself.)

  2. Set hard core rules, 3 max. Examples could be: No eating past 7pm, no ice cream for 10 days (then eat it on the 11th, then repeat, or don't eat it for 12 days next time), no snacks from the hours of 1pm-3pm, no eating foods that begin with the letter C (except carrots, always eat carrots) or pick two set days and times a week to get to the gym. These are just examples, think of three that apply to you and aren't difficult. Start easy and live by them. This gives you a place to start and structure.

  3. Breathe like you freaking mean it. Deep loving, full, calm breaths. This puts your life on a serious pause for a few seconds, and gives you time to think and collect. It also helps lower all those hormones we just talked about. A 100% way to combat stress.

  4. Congratulate yourself and celebrate every time you take a step in the right direction. Don't get caught up in what you are doing wrong, get caught up in what you are doing right. Did you eat 1 more vegetable than you did yesterday? YAY! CELEBRATE THAT LIKE YOU JUST WON LIFE (I don't recommend celebrating with cake and beer, but you do you).

  5. Don’t expect or compare anything. By this I mean don't get back to the gym expecting to be like you were, or expecting to be the weight you were at. You can't compare current you to the old you. The old you was in a completely different situation than you are in now. That's not a fair comparison. Don't be that mean to yourself, play fair.

There ya be. Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but you’re on my blog. And if you’re new here, I'm not here to tell you what you want to hear, I'm tellin it like it is.

So there are my 5 tips and tricks on how to combat quarantine problems. They ended up being more mindset things, but odds are you already know the steps to take, I'm just helping to get your mind and body on the same page. :)

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