Healthy May Not Be Healthy...

Ok, so lately I have been seeing a lot of Instagram garbage about being healthy and skinny (skinny is not healthy, healthy is healthy) and drinking different things to lose weight. I'm not putting anyone down, nor am I saying that the way I do nutrition or workout is any better then what is out there, for some people's bodies. Those products / trends may be for you and working great!

For some people, like me, that is very far from the truth....

Quick example: There is one big influencer that I follow, she basically drinks big juiced fruit drinks all day long. Is this healthy in my eyes? Not in the least bit. If I did this, I'm pretty sure my body would blow up like a balloon because of all the sugar and lack of fiber. She looks great and claims to be healthy, and for her body type and ethnicity, it might be. But I have proven to myself over and over again, every diet is not for everybody.

Moving on to the different types of powders that are out there claiming to give you all your servings of fruits or vegetables for the day and also reduce bloating, reduce stomach fat, detox, and give you more energy. They might work for a month or two, but in the long run, problems may arise. In my last few blogs I wrote about how my body was actually hating the vegetables that I was feeding it. The problem with these big mixes are just that, you don't know what your body is needing or liking, and if you are getting bloated and having stomach issues, you are going to gain weight (inflammation). You may even start to notice brain fog or joint pain.

Side note on "detoxing":

Try to stop eating / drinking the foods you are detoxing from. Your body should be detoxing on its own, if it's not, there may be an issue going on with your liver or kidneys. This is why it is crucial to take care of yourself.

At one point I was borderline obsessed with being the healthiest person I knew (I wasn't even close looking back at it). I was vegan, took loads of vitamins, and drank plenty of expensive health shakes. If it was healthy, I did it, and it was very expensive. But if I was so healthy, why did I constantly have no energy, gut problems, bloating, and weight gain?

I admit that I used to take a mixed powder, like the ones we see everywhere nowadays, that had all sorts of veggies in it, including garlic, broccoli, spinach, kale. The powder had about 50-60 other fruits and vegetables in about two scoops, how could this not be healthy?

Well, I was also having serious gut problems that I, nor about 5 doctors could figure out. So for me, I was constantly feeding my body with things that it hated every morning for about 2 years. But I never thought that my problems would be linked to my super "healthy" shake every morning. In reality, it made me feel like absolute crap.

I CANNOT TELL PEOPLE THIS ENOUGH, IF YOUR GUT IS NOT HEALTHY AND HAPPY, YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY AND HAPPY. It doesn't matter if the internet says it is a "super food" or "health food", your gut will decide if it is or not. If you are feeding your gut things it doesn't like, or can't break down, you are making it angry.

I could go on and on about the gut, I probably could write my own book on how gut bacteria controls you. You are not controlling you, your gut is. Anxiety? Depression?


I am not saying that you should quit eating veggies. That's definitely not my point. But when you are throwing so many different ingredients at it at once, you don't know what the one ingredient is that could be causing the problem. Another thing to note, is that some veggies like broccoli and cauliflower should be cooked before eaten, because they contain a lot of anti-nutrients. If companies are adding in raw vegetables, they can actually be stopping the nutrients from being absorbed. If companies are heat treating their products, you easily run the risk of ruining nutrients by being heated too high. So you might be harming your gut, and wasting money.

I really really want other people to be aware that what they are seeing on Instagram as this magic juice, or magic powders that make you healthier, may not be for you, and most likely in some way, are not going to be for you. Not to mention they can be really pricey. Don't follow the latest trends on the internet. If you keep doing something because everyone is and it works for them, IT REALLY MAY NOT BE WORKING FOR YOU. Listen to your body, don't ignore it.

If you have any questions about whether a product or food could be causing you problems, contact me and I would love to take a look and help you!

Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.