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Eat Paper

Updated: Nov 1, 2019


I'm sure that we all can agree on that above statement. Food makes us happy. But where is line drawn between food and not food? Would you eat paper? Probably not. Why? Well duh, its not food. But is paper actually closer to food, than our food is to food?

Today I really want to hit on the point that everything you put in your body is either healing or hurting it. In our culture today, food is getting further and further away from, well, food. Fast food? Not food. Prepackaged food? Not food. At this point you may not agree with me, but hopefully by the end I can change your mind. :)

Start by looking at the nutrition labels on your food. I'm willing to bet that most of the ingredients aren't even food. Even things that are labeled "healthy", such as low-carb or sugar-free, generally are worse than their full-carb or full-sugar counterparts. If something has to tell you how healthy it's probably not.

Let me show you an example. Note that this is a shorter ingredients list in comparison to most other commercial foods, I chose this shorter list on purpose or this post would have went on forever.

Here we have some toasted chips. Healthy, right? No deep frying, 120 calories per serving, "50% less fat the then leading regular brand potato chips", veggie flavored, and 100% whole grains. WOW SO MUCH HEALTH! Nope.

Let's look at a some main items from that ingredient list:

*Whole grain wheat - Can actually be worse for you because of the lectins, which I wrote about in other posts, and the unknown source of wheat. Most wheat products have been sprayed with pesticides at some point in their processing.

*Canola oil - Terrible for you. Super inflammatory and oxidization can easily happen to the oil. This can lead to heart disease, arthritis, weight gain, cancer, and other inflammatory diseases.

*Sugar - We already know that's not good. Pretty sure I bring this up in every post.

*Corn-based ingredients and barley - Ever notice how most farms feed cattle and pigs corn so they get fat....humans aren't any different. Not to mention corn is one of the highest crops to be sprayed with glyphosate as well as other pesticides.

*Dried vegetable blend - May not the worst, but this one is definitely not GMO or organic.

*Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE FOR YOU. MSG affects cognitive performance and can act as an excitotoxin (A class of chemicals, usually amino acids, that overstimulate neuron receptors. Neuron receptors allow brain cells to communicate with each other, but when they're exposed to excitotoxins they fire impulses at such a fast rate that they become exhausted, this leads to killing off nerve cells.).

MSG also is responsible for that "I can't just have one" situation. It's addictive and companies purposely put it in their foods to make you want more. It affects your ghrelin and leptin hormones which tell you if you're full or hungry. This is why you can eat the whole bag of chips and not feel full.

*Whey - Whey comes from milk, which comes from large cattle farms, which is where the cattle are fed grains (corn and barley) and hormones. And yes, these end up in your dairy products.

*Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) - BHT is added to the packaging to preserve freshness, but this is still touching the food. I can't even find any hard evidence on what this does to your body, which in my opinion is worse than actually knowing (I strongly believe they know what the effects are of BHT, but the government probably doesn't want us to know). It's a preservative, same as BPA and look at all the studies that have linked BPA to cancer within the last few years....

*Then to top it all off they need to add fake "artificial flavorings" to make it actually taste good, and then some red dye so you think that it looks like veggies and food.

If you're still doubtful, looking at the low calorie count and thinking they can't be that bad, let me take it a step further. Low-calorie does not mean that it is healthy. Eating low calorie foods might work in the beginning while trying to lose weight, but its not sustainable. Your hormones and gut bacteria control your weight, not calories.

YOUR BODY IS A MACHINE. If you were looking at these crackers and thinking they are healthy snack choice because of the advertising on the packaging, I've proved that that kind of thinking doesn't make sense. Food doesn't enter your mouth and immediately become a calorie (keep in mind a calorie is a measurement of energy, don't you want energy?). It has to be broken down by your body, enzymes, and your gut bacteria. Your body and bacteria can only correctly process real food. You don't put water in a car and expect it to run. So why do we think that if we put chemicals and bad things in our body, we will run (having energy and functioning)? If your body doesn't know what to do with something, it freaks out causing inflammation and fat storage. Or worse, starts attacking itself (autoimmune diseases). This is a very very very simplified explanation. So please do yourself a favor, love your body enough to help fuel it properly and eat real food.

So next you go to the store to get groceries, look at the ingredients. Not just the nutrition label and calories. The ingredients are way more important. The "healthy foods" are most likely the ones causing the most problems. The junk they are putting into our food today is making us sicker than ever.

Here are some examples of product advertisements to be on the look out for:


"Calorie Free"

"Carb Balance"

****Disclaimer: I don't actually recommend eating paper, but I would eat paper before I would eat any of these fake foods...