Drugs for Breakfast?

You've heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, you eat your muffin, granola bar, toast, bagel, cereal, fruit, maybe pancakes or waffles if you have the time. More than likely you probably have your coffee or some juice too. Then by the time you get to work, you find yourself hungry...again. Maybe if you are lucky, there will be doughnuts or muffins that someone brought into the office....

***So what happened, you ate a big breakfast, why are you still hungry?****

When you start the day with carbs (remember carbs turn to sugar) you are feeding your body sugar first thing in the morning. Breakfast means breaking a fast. When you flood your body with sugar right away in the morning, you significantly raise your blood sugar levels. The higher/faster you spike your blood sugar levels, the harder the crash. "Crash" makes you; tired, anxious, cravings (which is why saying no to the donuts in the break room might be more difficult), irritable, depressed, hungry/hangry, and may be brain fog (can lead to poor decision making in work life).

If you get hungry before lunch time, the odds of you wanting to grab something healthy, is probably not very high. If you do opt to reach for the celery, good for you! But this might not leave you very satisfied. There is a reason that you are hungry and need to eat again by mid-morning, your blood sugar levels dropped, your brain felt a nice sugar high earlier in the morning, and now it wants to feel that sensation again. Sugar is a drug. It's addicting. Eating sugar triggers the same dopamine hormone and brain response as a drug addict with an a addiction would experience.

By feeding your body carbs and sugar in the morning, you are leading it to want more. Lunch isn't going to be much better. Worst case scenario, you packed yourself a small salad and some carrots for lunch. Now you can't wait to get home and eat dinner, and this might lead to over-eating, and maybe not making the best choices nutritionally. Your brain (*and bad gut bacteria*) will not stop until it gets what it wants. SUGAR. We have all been there the day goes well, until we overindulge at night and then just need some ice-cream and/or cookies before bed.

Sugar is addictive (remember carbs are also sugar). You have it once, you are going to want it again. So starting off with sugar early in the morning is going to set you up to want more throughout the day, and you are going to keep eating until your brain gets what it wants and is satisfied, until your next craving of course. Fruit doesn't fall out of this category either, fructose is still sugar, so that banana or smoothie in the morning isn't the best option either.

***Not only is your brain telling you your hungry, but you are feeding sugar loving BAD bacteria in your gut too, and they are going to want more. These bacteria are relentless and not nice. The more sugar you give them, the more they can reproduce, and if there is more bad bacteria, they are going to need more sugar for more food, and now its a mess. This is going to be worse than your brain wanting carbs and sugar. Your gut is going to mess with you and make you feel anxious, dizzy, depressed, your gut bacteria run the show, so please treat them with care :)****

My next post will explain:

- What to eat for breakfast to control blood sugar spikes.

- How to get rid of sugar cravings and crashes

- How to feed the good guy gut bacteria and kill the bad.

- How to deal with sugar withdraws (this will happen, just as a drug addict would).

If you can't wait, and want to get started on this process right away, contact me to get started on your own personal sugar rehab journey!

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Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.