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Drugs for Breakfast?

*Today's post topic was brought to you by my mom and written for my dad.*

You've heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, you eat your oatmeal, toast, bagel, cereal, fruit, maybe pancakes or waffles if you have the time (or the absolute worst, you stopped to get a fast food breakfast). More than likely you probably have your coffee or some juice too. Then by the time you get to work, you find yourself hungry...again. Maybe if you are lucky, there will be doughnuts or muffins that someone brought into the office....

***So what happened, you ate a big breakfast, why are you still hungry?****

Hate to break it to you, but you just set yourself up for being hungry and making unhealthy decisions for the rest of your day. Basically, you just had a bunch of sugar for the "most important meal of the day". (By the way I do not think this is true as stated in previous posts, I don't eat breakfast and I am not dead yet) I don' t mean the doughnuts or muffins you had at work, but the big "healthy" breakfast you had at home.

When you start the day with carbs (remember carbs turn to sugar) you are feeding your body sugar right after waking up. Breakfast literally means breaking a fast from when you were sleeping, when you flood your body with sugar right away in the morning, you significantly raise your blood sugar levels. The higher you spike your blood sugar levels, the harder the crash. By crashing I mean tired, cravings (good luck saying no to those doughnuts in the break room), irritability, anxious, depressed, hungry, and brain fog (can lead to bad decision making in work life).

So now you realize you've made the mistake of eating that not so healthy breakfast, and you are hungry before lunch. The odds of you grabbing for something that is not a carb or sweet is 0 to none, and if you do grab that celery, you probably are not very satisfied. There is a reason that you are hungry and want something again by mid-morning, sugar is a drug. It's addicting. When I tell clients this the light bulb usually goes on. Eating sugar triggers the same dopamine hormone and brain response as a drug addict with a cocaine addiction would experience.

So you basically just woke up and fed your body a drug, and guess what? It's going to want more. Lunch isn't going to be much better. Worst case scenario, you packed yourself a small salad for lunch and some carrots. Now you can't wait to get home and eat, and I guarantee you are going to over eat, and not make good nutrition choices. Your brain will not stop until it gets what it wants. SUGAR. I know this seems extreme, but it's the truth. Sugar is addictive (remember carbs are also sugar). You have it once, you are going to want it again. So starting off with sugar early in the morning is going to set you up to want more throughout the day, and you are going to keep eating until your brain gets what it wants and is satisfied, until your next craving of course. Fruit doesn't fall out of this category either, fructose is still sugar, so that banana in the morning isn't good either.

***Not only is your brain telling you your hungry, but you are feeding sugar loving BAD bacteria in your gut too, and guess what, they are going to want more. These bacteria are relentless and not nice. The more sugar you give them, the more they can reproduce, and if there is more bacteria, they are going to need more sugar for more food, and now you've just created a mess. This is worse than your brain wanting carbs and sugar. Your gut is going to mess with you and make you feel anxious, dizzy, depressed, I have said it a million times and I will a million more, YOUR GUT BACTERIA RUN YOU. You are a puppet to your gut bacteria.****

Side Notes:

- There are no good cereals that I have come across, they are all very high carb and or sugar.

- Toast with peanut butter (and and worse jelly) is absolutely terrible for you.

- Oatmeal is very carb heavy, not a good choice. Even worse the packets contain a lot of sugar.

- Black coffee is very good for you, coffee with sugar, is not.

- Fruit in the morning is a bad option

- Dairy in the morning is a bad idea


I could go on and on about the relation between the gut, brain and sugar, but this post is getting long enough.

Next post will explain:

- What to eat for breakfast to control blood sugar spikes.

- How to get rid of sugar cravings and crashes

- How to feed the good guy gut bacteria and kill the bad.

- How to deal with sugar withdraws (this will happen, just as a drug addict would).

If you can't wait, and want to get started on this process right away, contact me to get started on your own personal sugar rehab journey!

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