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Cozy Up and Bunker Down!

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Its freezing right now, like too far below 0 outside. My last few posts have been crazy and thought provoking and helpful, not this one. This is going to be a warm and cozy post. So bundle up and relax!

When the weather gets colder outside, people want warm, comforting food. We tend to turn to baked goods, creamy/canned soups, hot chocolate, really anything that’s going to warm us the heck up in this dumb weather. I will give you a few of my favorite winter eats alternatives to stay warm and stay healthy!

1. Hot Chocolate

Swap out the sugary hot cocoa mix for chocolate protein powder. Heat some water/non-dairy milk up on the stove, and then add the protein. It’s important that you DO NOT mix the protein and liquid then use the microwave to heat it! This damages the proteins and microwaves are bad.

2. Soup

There are a few brands of canned soup that are somewhat healthy, but I usually don’t recommend them. Soup is easy to make large batches and then heat up (on the stove) later on. Pick a broth flavor you like (my favorite is bone broth, it has so many amazing health benefits), add veggies, add a protein, add white rice if you want carbs or konjac noodles if you want low carbs, and voila. Tastiness! If you prefer creamy soup, cook up cauliflower until soft, blend with your broth of choice and some non-dairy milk! Then follow the above steps in adding what you would like! You can also blend other vegetables like squash and zucchini for different tastes.

3. Healthy Apple Crispish Thing

This is one of my favorite "desserts". Slice up an apple (or apples if serving more then yourself), and put them in a sauce pan with some coconut oil. Cook the apples until they start to get soft. If you would like, you can stop here and just add cinnamon and they are a delicious snack. But if you would like more, add cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, stevia/xylitol and some oats. Make sure there is still enough liquid in the pan to not burn anything. Done! Mini little healthy dessert just for you!

4. Oatmeal

Warm, and will keep you full for a long while! Again, make sure you’re not cooking this in the microwave and are using oats, not the prepackaged sugar bombs. Here’s 4 different recipes to mix it up.

- Apple Cinnamon: Kind of like the apple crisp, cut up some apples and cook in the oatmeal then add cinnamon.

- Mixed Berry: Add in some organic frozen berries while cooking the oatmeal. Frozen berries will be more flavorful, and ripe. Think how far ‘fresh’ berries have to travel to get to Wisconsin in the winter!

- Pumpkin Spice: Embrace your inner white girl. Add pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, vanilla protein powder.

- Chocolate: Cacao, cacao nibs, chocolate protein powder, healthy sweetener of choice. Almost like a dessert ;)

5. Squash with Cranberry Sauce

I love this dish in the fall/winter. Bake squash of your choice in oven, my favorites are acorn or butternut. To make the cranberry sauce, add ½ cup of xylitol and water to saucepan. Heat until the xylitol dissolves in the water. Add frozen cranberries, cook till they mush and you have your sauce. When the squash is done, pour cranberry sauce over it, cover in cinnamon, and taste the magic.

There are plenty of other things you can swap out to stay warm, but these are my simple staple winter foods. Stay cozy my friends, and don't freeze out there please.