Choose To Eat, Not To Eat

I preach over and over again that we need to eat to heal and not eat to eat. But what does this really mean? Well, I’ll tell you. Keep reading!

Everything you put in your body does something. Doesn't matter if it’s one bite, or a whole meal. Sure, eating one cookie won't really be the end of the world, but it will still have an effect on your brain, hormones, and body. Just as eating one piece of broccoli won't make you lose weight, but again, it still has an effect. The second any food hits your tongue; your body starts getting everything ready to break down the food. You release a concoction of chemicals and bacteria for each different food you are eating. Your saliva makes changes based on what food it needs to break down. So just by putting the food in your mouth, your body is changing. Meaning that one bite does matter.

The beautiful thing about living like we do today, we can go to the grocery store and buy just about anything. There are so many options to choose from. But it’s important that we’re choosing the good options. Every time you choose what to eat, you are making the choice to poison or heal. You have the choice every day to heal and become better than you are right now. If a food label literally wrote poison in the ingredient list, I’m guessing you probably wouldn't buy it. Most of the processed food we see today has just that in it, just hidden behind other names and labels (MSG, high fructose corn syrup, BPA, sugar, soybean oil, fluoride, the list never ends). If your body can't break something down and use it to better your health, its poison. We are a working machine, the most complex on this planet. Food we can’t do anything with causes glitches in our system. This is why we have to eat real food.

If you ate poison every day, just a little bit at a time, what would happen? You would start to break down. You would be tired, slow, your brain would stop working, you’d have no motivation, get sick, and internally start to shut down. Sound familiar? This is what happens when you eat junk every day. I get so worked up about this. People say they lack energy, have brain fog, get sick constantly. Why are people not connecting this to what they are eating? Most of the time they cover it up with pills, or just take and think “this is just how I am”. (I am going to get real for a minute) MY GOD, WAKE UP, CHECK YOURSELF. People are not designed to shut down and have no energy and malfunction. Value yourself and your body, choose to nourish instead of poison it on purpose.

Not going to get started on alcohol, but quick side note:

The word “Alcohol” comes from the Arabic “al-kuhl” which means “BODY EATING SPIRIT” and gives root origins to the English term for “ghoul”. That is why people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol often black out, not remembering what happened. This happens when the good soul (we were sent here with) leaves because the living conditions are too polluted and too traumatic to tolerate. The good soul jettisons the body, staying connected to a tether, and a dark entity takes the body for a joy ride around the block, often in a hedonistic and self-serving illogical rampage. Our bodies are cars for spirits. If one leaves, another can take the car for a ride. Essentially when someone goes dark after drinking alcohol or polluting themselves in many other ways, their body often becomes possessed by another entity.” This is why I don't really drink. Being posed by a random spirit? No thanks. I'll probably do a whole post on alcohol in the future.

Ok, I won't yell or rant anymore. How about you try eating a vegetable? We tend to forget that just because we can’t see it, doesn't mean good things aren't happening. The vast population has a very narrow mind when it comes to eating healthy. And I get it, we all want to look good and lose weight. But as soon as the light bulb turns on and you start by changing your insides first, the weight loss happens a lot easier. People give up when they see no change on the outside, think its not worth it, and go back to bad habits. IT'S WORTH IT! ITS MAKING THE WEIGHT LOSS THAT WILL HAPPEN SUSTAINABLE, ITS SHOWING YOUR BODY YOU CARE. They never think to check how their insides are doing. Your body wants to heal, it does not want to shut you down. The first thing it is going to put energy into is healing and functioning properly. Weight loss takes energy, not just like going to the gym energy, but body and mind energy (this is why you actually need more calories (energy) to lose weight).

There are not a lot of people that read my blogs, but if you do, and you are here, I see you and I love you. I really thank you from the bottom of my entire soul. I love that you are here to read what I have to say. I am so passionate that the people in my life are happy and healthy. I sometimes just let my fingers start typing, and see what gets written, and this was one of those posts. So I know these blogs are meant to help at least one person out there. Please share any of my posts with your friends, so they can maybe see something that might be a wakeup call for them. EAT HEALTHY, YOU ARE SO WORTH IT.

Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.