Breakfast Rehab

In my post last week I explained why it is super important to not eat carbs for breakfast. So what do you eat instead? FAT, and a lot of it! Your body loves fat. Your brain and cells run off fat. Not the kind that you find in McDonald's french fries, but good healthy fats! Monounsaturated and saturated are the best and most stable. What I mean by stable is that they are the least likely to oxidize (turn bad), and oxidized fat in the body is a HUGE problem. More on that another time. Ok so what should you eat for breakfast? My number one suggestion is eggs. As many as you need to feel full. 3 is usually a good number. With a shot of MCT oil in my black coffee. ALL FAT, NO CARBS, NO DAIRY (no dairy coffee creamer). Other good sources of fat that would be awesome for breakfast:

- Grass-fed beef (steak)

- High-quality dark chocolate ( I would rather you eat half of an 80%-90% chocolate bar for breakfast then toast)

- MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil and coconut oil

- Grass-fed butter (Yea, you can have butter! No other dairy!!)

- Avocado (don't cook these, I know it's all over Pinterest, its gross, and can oxidize the fat)

- Extra-virgin olive oil

- Pastured eggs (see **Egg Notes** at the very bottom)

- Olives

- Nuts

- Pasture-raised pork (guess what, this can be BACON!)

- On the go options: Keto Bars (this is the brand), Bulletproof bars, Love Good Fats Bar, Dang! bars. No sugar, high fat, high protein options.

Looking at the list above you may be thinking these are not breakfast foods. Try to break away from the notion that something is a breakfast, lunch, or dinner food, because you would be a lot better off if you actually reversed your meals for the most part. But if you feel the need to have it be a "breakfast" food, just add eggs, or make it into an omelette. If you are not hungry, THERE IS NO REAL NEED TO EAT BREAKFAST. Most people think that without it, they will mess up their metabolism. It doesn't work like that. I have a tablespoon of MCT oil in my coffee and that's it. Our ancestors did not wake up eating pancakes, bagels, and cereal for breakfast. We do because we have been told and brainwashed into thinking thats what we are supposed to do by big companies so they can make money.

**(If you are someone who drinks a soda of any kind in the morning, diet or not, contact me ASAP, because you need help. This will kill you faster then you think.)**

The less carbs, sugar, and SWEET TASTING foods you have in the morning (and throughout the day), the lower the crashes and cravings will be. This excludes veggies, but not fruit (different glycemic indexes). You should not feel hungry or tired the rest of the morning. If you do, add more fat into your breakfast. Add oil on top of the eggs, or more grass-fed butter or ghee. If you have oatmeal, which I DO NOT recommend, but as an example, add in coconut oil or MCT oil to minimize blood sugar crashes. (Note that I am not mentioning calories, don't worry about that)

This won't be an easy switch at first, mostly for your brain. In your mind, you may not feel like you have eaten a complete breakfast, or had enough to eat. Try your very best not to listen to your brain, but tune into your gut. Your gut is going to take some time to adjust, and you may have some digestion issues, but in a short amount of time this should go away. However, your brain is going to tell you that you are missing something, and that you are still hungry. But as stated in my last post, carbs (breads/grains, no matter white or wheat) and sugar, are an addiction. One that you really need to quit. It will cause so many problems in the body an auto-immune problems, you owe it to yourself to quit now. Start slow, if you have two pieces of toast, go to one, and replace that piece with some nuts (not peanuts). You might start to have anxiety, and not feel great, but this is you going through withdraws. It means that your body is going through some great changes, and just be patient and have a talk with yourself. Drink some water, and seriously have a quick check-in with your brain and body. It helps to ask yourself the following questions:

- Are you dying? Nope, you are just craving your drugs and your brain is throwing a fit.

- Are you really hungry? Nope, drink some water and truly think about it.

- Do I really want to give in and start this process over and over again? Nope, if it sucks now, it's only going to get worse.

This is what I mean when I say take control of your body. Your brain is going to get real mean, it will throw a tantrum because its not getting what it wants. You are taking away a substance that triggers the ventral tegmental area and nucleus accumbens which fires to release dopamine (the hormone that makes you really happy and feel good, the same thing that happens with cocaine or drugs) to the brain. So of course, you are going to get cranky. Take a minute, and check-in with yourself. Take a breath. When your brain starts to get anxious and mean about not having carbs and sugar, talk your self down. It sounds ridiculous and crazy, but it is so so helpful. Once your body adapts, so many wonderful changes will take place. Weight loss, clear thinking, 10 times more energy, no cravings (seriously, you won't even think twice about having that doughnut at the office), better skin, improved mood, the list goes on.

So, should you take the hit and quit carbs and sugar for good? YES ESPECIALLY FOR BREAKFAST!!! You are all beautiful awesome humans with the honor of being able to house your soul in a very intricate body. You owe it to yourself to keep it working properly so you can live the best life possible.

If you have any questions or need help just email me! I am always willing to answer questions and help! If my posts are helping you, please please share and comment. I want people to see this information, and I want to be writing about things you want to hear about. If you have any ideas for my posts let me know! There is a lot of garbage out there on health and nutrition. I want people to know the REAL way the body works.

(I know I said I would also cover feeding good gut bacteria, but that would make this post extremely long. So I will have to save it for another time. That could be a whole post all on its own.)

***Egg Notes***

- Bonus if you keep the egg yolk runny. This preserves all the omegas and makes sure that nothing is being oxidized.

- Your eggs need to be farm fresh, pasture raised, or they are garbage and will do nothing for you. Ditch the $.99 eggs, they are full of hormones and bacteria. THE EXTRA MONEY IS WELL WORTH IT.

- Farm eggs are not going to cause bad cholesterol. Your body needs good cholesterol.

- Although they are awesome, eat them with caution. Eggs are one of the top allergens with people. If you feel tired, achey, dizzy, "off", or have stomach problems (gas), do not eat them. Egg yolks do contain sulfur, which can be converted to hydrogen sulfide gas by your gut bacteria. This is not a good thing. (you may only notice problems with low grade eggs. Try switching to pasture raised and see if that makes a difference first. If a chicken is eating grain, not grass, you may actually be reacting to the grains that the chicken was eating. Not the actual egg).

Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.