Are You Stopping You?

The things we tell ourselves shape what our reality is.

Your body listens to EVERYTHING you say. Just like a child does. If you swear, your child repeats the same word. Your body does the same thing, except it CREATES everything you say. If you say or think to yourself that working out is hard, your body makes sure that is difficult for you to workout. When you say or think, no matter what I do, I don't lose weight, your body makes sure that you will not lose any weight no matter what. People don't realize this, but you are a creator, everything that you say or think becomes reality by your energy and subconscious. If you have money issues, its because rooted somewhere deep down, you were told that money is hard to come by, or you have to work hard to get money. If this is what you truly think deep down, bad news, it's going to be very hard for you to make money. The part of you that makes these realities, has no perception of good or bad. So it creates whatever you tell it, good or bad.

This goes for anything you tell yourself. I have bad skin, I have a bad back, I have a lot of fat, I am bad at working out, I am never going to find a significant other, all these things we tell ourselves are created and put out into the world in a matter of seconds. Good news, we can use also use this to our advantage. Tell yourself things that you want to be true. Like, I love how amazing my skin is (i've been working on this one lately and my skin looks amazing right now :) I am so strong, I love how easily I come by money, I love how all these amazing opportunities are showing up in my life, I love how fit I am, TALK LIKE YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT AND ARE APPRECIATING IT. Say it like it's already happened and you are acknowledging it. You really have to mean it though, and deeply believe that it will happen. Just like you truly believe all the bad things you think about yourself.

This is why some people can easily lose weight or be fit, because they truly believe they can and say they can. Yes, genetics play a role in health, but the mindset is even more important. When you think and say over and over again you wont or cant get stronger, or can't lose weight, your body creates that reality. If you say over and over again that you have a bad back, it will never get better. I did this with my legs when they were hurting. I kept saying they weren't getting better, and they were hurt. The moment I realized I was stopping myself from healing, I turned my thoughts into to, i'm so happy my legs are healed and strong. Within a few days the pain was gone. I could write about this for another 100 pages. Im sure some of you think i'm full of shit and crazy its really only your loss. There's a reason I weighed 125 and could almost deadlift 300lbs, it's because I knew I could and I told my body we could. I had no one training me, no one telling me what to do, I just kept saying I could.

Try telling yourself you love how thin/strong/loving/rich/pretty/handsome you are and believe it. It will happen. Pay attention to your thoughts and what you are telling yourself. This shits true my loves. Live it out.

Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.