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Is It Necessary To Take Vitamins?

Updated: Mar 6

Today’s blog was brought to you by humans destroying everything they touch.

You ever do something in your life for so long, that you just naturally think that everyone does it too and that it's normal, until you tell someone and they’re like ok weirdo….

This is normally my life, but as of late, I was very surprised that not everyone takes vitamins. Dumb I know, but it is such a part of my regular routine, that I just kind of thought it was in everyone’s….nope.

I'm not going to start out by ranting at you about why you should shut up and just take them, although I can't promise it won't turn into that, but instead i'll explain why you should think strongly about taking them.

Hundreds of years ago when farming was the way of life and we grew our own food, and our soil was full of fresh, grass-fed cow and horse poop, our veggies grew so happy without much help from humans. Vegetables were full of all the nutrients we needed to not only survive, but to thrive. Fast forward to now, when we do not grow our own food, we have genetically modified just about everything in order to have enough of it (even if it says “non-GMO” odds are it was still genetically modified), and our soil is literally sprayed with damaged nutrients and chemicals. In short, our veggie friends are not the same veggie friends they once were. As a result of all the “great things” humans have done in order to mass produce, our vegetables are about 50% less nutritious than they were when we were doing things the old-fashioned way.

To meet all the gold standards of health, without taking vitamins, the amount and variety you would have to consume is outrageous. I eat only vegetables, (a few) fruits, and nuts, and I have still tested deficient for most vitamins and minerals. I'm not exaggerating when I say this either. Every meal I eat is vegetables in some sort of form. I'm not telling you this to prove I'm healthy, I'm proving that all I eat is veggies, and I still am vitamin deficient.

So you’re thinking “Ok Ashley, this is all super cool. But I don't take vitamins and I feel great.”

I’m willing to bet that most people have heard the word cognitive decline. I’m also willing to bet that not everyone stops to think about what this really is. In short, it's getting older and everything that comes along with it. The exciting news is though, it doesn’t have to happen so fast! THERE HAVE BEEN NUMEROUS STUDIES THAT SHOW VITAMINS AND MINERALS STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING. Why wait until a problem arises to start trying things? By the time it starts happening, it will be too late, and very hard to reverse what is happening. Start now so you can kick ass when you are 90 years old! Not to mention still looking like a dime at that age either.

I could actually type about 10 more pages on why you should be taking vitamins, but ill end it with just a few more notes.

Quality matters. This is not the area in your life to be cheap, you will just end up wasting your money. Most vitamins have fillers and binders that are terrible for you and your system, and most wont even break down and absorb. TAKING VITAMINS SHOULD BE A NORMAL THING!!!!

If you would like to know what kind and brand of vitamins and minerals you should be taking for your age and lifestyle, please please please email me and ask. You don’t even need to be a client of mine! I will gladly set you up with a list of essentials you should be taking every day in order to be kicking ass in life. People forget how it feels to be a fully-functioning human, and my favorite thing in the world is to help people reach their wellness potential. We are not meant to break down and age when we are 50, that should all maybe start to set in at 100. Don't wait until you start to notice problems, stay ahead of them!

Let’s get started now!!