Momentum can help with personal training and nutrition counseling! 

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Online Nutrition

Looking for quick insight on your current eating habits? 

Whether you would like a second opinion, or think you are moving in the right direction but are unsure, this is the perfect option!

What to do:

1.  Sign up with Momentum Wellness

2. 3-4 days keep track of:

            -what you are eating and drinking

            -what time you are eating or drinking

            -when you go to bed, and what time you wake up


(Please be sure to include your first and last name on food logs, and any questions you may have.)


What I do: 

Once I receive your payment, I will look at your food logs. Then I give you valuable insight on what you are eating and what you may want to think about changing. I will provide healthy recipe alternatives to what you are all ready eating, along with some tips and tricks to cut cravings and get started on the path to living a healthier life! Typical turn around time is 1 week. 


*This is NOT intended to be my full program. This option is to get quick information on how to help and tweak an existing nutrition plan, or to help get you on the right path to living a healthier life style. 

*I am not responsible for any health conditions or results from the given nutritional information. 

One time purchase of 29.95!
+1.50 for processing fees