1. the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.



  1. the provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, especially by a professional.

The definitions say it all.

Food can be, and often is, connected to personal, social, and physical obstacles or tendencies. I understand that it's harder than "just don't eat that" and "just eat that". 

Once you truly feel and see the changes happening, there is no way you'll want to go back. 

I'm challenging you.


Weight loss is not your #1 goal.


Because this will happen. I challenge you to want more out of your nutrition.

If you think that weight loss is your number one goal, I want you to dig deeper. Why do you want to lose weight? Really think about it. Usually has to do with something emotional or physical, not superficial.


This is what I want to help you with; having more energy than you know what to do with, no more daydreaming of taking mid-day naps, I want to help you quit feeling "so damn old", help naturally fix underlying gut issues, and to help you stop taking some prescription medications. Basically, I want you to feel how freaking amazing it can feel to feel better than good.


YEP, this all happens when you forget the lame goal of weight loss, and dig deeper into what you really want to come from upgrading your nutrition. The best part? Weight loss and less stress is the #1 side effect.

Good, you're still here, this means I found a piece of you that is ready for change :)

We tend to forget that food gives us life and energy.

So it's no surprise when we restrict our food, our life feels restricted. 

No more calculating food (this is life, not math class), losing weight just to put it back on, No more feeling like shit.

So what are you going to gain from working with me?

Fewer doctor visits

Less prescription medication

More energy

Less stress

Improved mood

Better Sleep

Weight loss

Any of those sound good?

This is an individualized nutrition plan that doesn't 

rule out your gut, mind, emotional goals, body, and life.


The plan includes:

Top 3 goals

The top 3 things that are going to be your main focus for the week. Throwing 1000 things at you at once will just overwhelm you and send you into shut down mode. So we really just start with 3 small goals.

Foods to avoid based on your food log, and WHYS.

Notice the word avoid. All of what you are doing is your choice, I'm just here to give you the cold hard facts. Once you see the reasons why you should be avoiding those desk snacks (and not just because of sugar, I give you way more info than that) you probably won't be wanting those desk snacks :)

A grocery list of foods that will be beneficial to add to your body.

This is a list of your base foods, ones you should have almost every day to help give YOUR bode energy and heal.

Your guidance plan

This is very different for everyone. If you are on the road for work, having you buy food that requires cooking is not going to help you take on new healthy habits. No one's lifestyle, body, or mind is the same, so neither are the plans. I do what will work for you. Here is an example though!

Meal/Snack ideas for each time of day

I even give you specific brands to buy and easy meal ideas!



Vitamin and Supplement / to get started on sheet

Very very simplified example of the plan



     *Ways to cook
     *Easy meal ideas

     *Foods to buy organic

     *Healthy alternative swaps

     *Grocery list will ALL the possible "approved" foods 
     *Eat and don't eat (what to look for in food labels)


- Access to my brain pretty much all day (text) 
- Me bustin' your butt to stay on track  

- Weekly progress check-ins
- Everything you could possibly need to succeed!  


On the road all the time? Travel a lot?  Work long hours? This plan will work for you!


Next Step

This program is what you want if:

  • You don't want to be on a diet.

  • You are tired of being confused about health and just want answers.

  • You don't want to feel restricted.

  • You want something attainable forever and now.

  • You want your handheld throughout the process, but you also don't want your handheld through the process.

Contact me with questions or concerns.


If you have decided that this is for you (I know you have, I literally designed this program for you), then it's time to get started!

Next Steps:

  1. Pay me the money honey. Each "round" is a month-long commitment. Thre is no certain number of rounds you need to complete. One time payment of $260.00.

  2. Once I receive payment, I will be emailing you the boring legal things to sign.

  3. Once I get that back to me, we can begin this awesomeness. I then send you questionnaires so I can get to know you, know your goals, and any other health concerns you have. 

Its showtime baby.


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Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.