Eating healthy and working out has been on your

back burner for quite sometime now....

The thought "you should probably start doing something" is constantly on your mind,

but in the end, nothing happens and/or you

don't know where to start. 



Im so excided for you to feel like yourself again!

What you are NOT 
looking for 

...a "diet" never eat out again all or nothing approach

...a rapid, short term, weight

   loss solution

...a complete life shift say good bye to your          favorite foods

What you ARE 

looking for

- a life upgrade.

- a way to control food, not have food      control you.

- help to cut down on prescription            medication.

- something maintainable for the rest of      your life.

- keeping life a priority

- to not feel so damn old :)

I am not a weight loss coach, I am a health coach. 

Big difference.

Health isn't a result of weight loss, weight loss is a result of health.

Your size doesn't determine your health,

your insides determine your health. 

Fix your insides, your outsides will follow.

What could a few workouts and starting some healthy habits really do for you?


- No more need for that 1:00 pm caffeine boost

- Better sleep.

- Less joint and muscle pain (and pain overall) 

- Less "loosing your cool".

- Remembering to send that email.

- More energy to spend time after work with your family.

- May or may not wanna show off your arms a little more.

- Overall just feel like yourself again!

Yes, all this can really come from eating

the correct things,

at the right times,

with a little movement. 

So far so good? 

Ok sweet.

Heres how this all plays out.

Your job: 

You track your food for a week. No weighing things out or writing out calories, just simply write down what you are eating/drinking, and what time you are eating/drinking it. I also have you note when you go to bed and when you wake up.

My job: 

I look at your food logs and write a plan BASED ON YOUR LIFESTYLE AND WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY EATING. I have yet to have the same workout plan or meal plan for any of my clients. We start where you are comfortable, and what will fit in your life. On the road all the time?  Travel a lot?  Work long hours?


No worries, I have your back.  

4, me, and a whole lot of ass to kick. 


- Personalized nutrition plan 

- Personalized training program (3x workouts per week)

- Momentum Wellness self help/guidance sheets

     *Ways to cook
     *Easy meal ideas

     *Foods to buy organic

     *Heathy alternative swaps
     *Eat and don't eat (what to look for in food labels)

- Access to my brain pretty much all day (text) 
- Me bustin' your butt to stay on track  

- Weekly progress check-ins
- Everything you could possibly need to succeed!  

Momentum 1:1

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4 week commitment

4 week commitment


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Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.