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About Me

My name is Ashley Lueck. I graduated from University of Wisconsin - Stout with a Bachelor’s of Science. After graduation, I worked for big companies within my major for a little over a year, where I quickly learned the corporate life wasn't my calling. While in college, I fell into powerlifting and gained a passion for the body and health. While most other students found their fun in partying, I spent my time at the gym or reading books about food and exercise. 


Like most people, I've done the calorie counting and dieting routine. I was miserable and out of energy, it wasn’t working. Once I learned that you have to eat to lose weight (yes, EAT MORE calories LOSE weight) my life changed. I felt better than I ever had and became even more passionate about sharing this knowledge and creating this change with others.


I cannot stress enough about how passionate I am about making people feel good. The idea that we can change, even heal, our body and mind through the right food and exercise is extraordinary. I want you to have this experience, and stop stressing over numbers when it comes to eating. Eating should not be difficult! I had always been told that I should be a Personal Trainer, but quitting my job after 5 years of college was not an easy decision (nor did it make my parents very happy). One day I finally took the jump and quit. Now I am so in love with my job, and passionate about making people feel 100% with a healthy life. And I want to help you too!


Momentum Wellness is here to get you on the right path, make mindful eating easy, and take the guess work out of working out. Let’s start your transformation, together.