It's not always about getting big and muscular or skinny and perfect. 

Then what is this? 

This my friend, is health.


Corrective and Functional Personal Training

In that order: Correct, function, and then train.

I changed the name from personal training to corrective functional training due to the fact that personal training is connected with deadly workouts with no concern for joints, individuality, personal goals or past injuries (thanks group fitness classes....yes i'm talking about you Orange Theory and F.I.R.E fitness) .

What you are NOT 
looking for "Instagram model" body deathly workout after another be in pain after working out

...for working out to become               another full time job

What you ARE 

looking for

- not having your time wasted on              workouts because they look cool

- someone to work with your body, not      have you do what their body does.

- to not feel so damn old and ache all      the time :)

- the doctor to get off your back

"Ashley pays extra special attention to the body's mechanics and to any sign of injury or imbalance.
I trust her process as I have been dealing with a shoulder injury and Ashley is helping me strengthen, and rehabilitate so surgery can be avoided. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

                                                                                                                              - Jeanette B.

We tend to forget weight loss is a side effect of working out, at its core, its really about health and maintenance of the body.

Why do you owe it to yourself and your family to workout?


- to go up and down stairs without heavy breathing

- lowered blood pressure

- being able to run around with the kids 

  or grandkids for years to come

- to live (on average), about 7.2 years longer

- improve mood and outlook on life

- to pump more oxygen to your brain/aids in the release

  of hormones to grow and maintain brain cells so you

  can be at the top of your game.

All this, and more happens as a result of exercise! 

*listed items are not a guaranteed result. Im not a magician, these are just some cold hard facts.

1:1 In-Person C.F.P.T

- meet 2x - 4x a week (depending on goals) 

- located in Appleton Wi, United States


That's all that you really need to know about in-person training.

I take care of the rest :)

1:1 Online Training 


Upon starting, I will send you a questionnaire and forms to be filled out. I also have you send a video (can be done from home) of you doing basic movements. This is so I can analyze and correct if need be.  


- 2 or 3 individualized written workouts per week

- text access to my personal phone

- video examples of exercises

- video analysis (only if you are unsure about a movement, or                something is hurting/not feeling right)


C.F.P.T  1:1

    4 week commitment

C.F.P.T  1:1

  4 week commitment


per week


**If you travel for work, with any of the training options, I will program hotel room

workouts for you. If you do not have space to pack resistance bands of equipment, I will program using nothing but the the desk chair and suitcase holder :)

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Mo·men·tum; the quantity of motion of a moving body Well·ness; the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.