Momentum can help with personal training and nutrition counseling! 



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   Exercising and eating correctly
can be an intimidating experience. 
I saw a need to teach the everyday 
person how to workout and eat right
 for their body, therefore Momentum 
Wellness was started. 

Hello! My name is Ashley Lueck. 
I have a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Wisconsin - Stout in Cross-Media Communications, and I'm certified by

the American Council of Exercise. I am very excited to help

you get moving in the right direction!

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More About Momentum Wellness

More About Me

Why Choose Momentum Wellness?

The human body is a delicate piece of machinery, one that can easily be over worked and broken down. When working out, you need to be sure you are progressing at a safe pace and thinking about moving with the correct alignments, building the connection between your mind and your body. The first step to sustainable health is MINDSET, knowing YOU, and what YOU are capable of achieving (and I promise it’s so much more than you think!)

The saying "no pain, no gain" is not how progress is made. In reality, this can lead to long term injury and muscle impairments. Momentum Wellness works with your body and personal mechanics, adapting fitness plans to your needs. Working out is actually quite easy when done correctly, and this is what Momentum can show you. There should be no pain, with a whole lot of gain! Working with injuries or soreness, not around them, to become stronger and more functional. 

Workout smarter, not harder. This is truly your program because it’s your body!